Mobile Therapies | Anxiety and Depression: How to Identify and coping strategies
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Anxiety and Depression: How to Identify and coping strategies

Anxiety and Depression: How to Identify and coping strategies

Most people are not aware they suffer from anxiety or depression and they think it is a natural state of being.

What is Anxiety?

According to Dr John Demartini

Anxiety is a form of fear, where we assume that we are about to experience through our senses or imagination in the future – more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains, more negatives than positives, and more challenges than supports. But again such imbalances don’t truly exist except in the minds of those unwilling to see both sides of life synchronously. All events have two sides and are ultimately balanced and serve. After a so-called terrible event – in a day, a week, a month, a year, or five years – we eventually discover that the very so-called terrible event was actually also a gift with terrific benefits and outcomes.

According to Louise Hay

– Not trusting the flow and process of life.

According to Inna Segal

– Thinking about the past and the future and not trusting the flow of life. Feeling insecure, unsupported, and helpless to change your situation. Focusing on the negativity and limitation and allowing yourself to wallow in fear.

Anxiety is both positive in that it alerts us to possible danger, and negative in that it can be debilitating.

A lack of anxiety can negatively influence task performance, making one geared up, eg. Performers or athletes often report the positive affects of a little anxiety on their performances.

An overwhelming attack of anxiety can adversely affect one’s performance, eg. a mental block  during an examination.

Unresolved and excessive amounts of anxiety causes panic.

What is a panic attack?

Signs and symptoms:

  • Vary from person to person
  • Most common kind is where the person feels that they are going to faint.
  • Heart beats faster
  • Become pale and sweaty
  • Pupils dilate
  • Palms sweat
  • Blur vision
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Some people feel they want to vomit, others have diarrhoea


Coping Strategies when you experience an anxiety attack by bringing yourself back to the present.

  • Stop what you are doing and take 3 to 5 deep breaths
  • Identify 3 things you can see
  • Identify an object you can feel or touch
  • Identify sounds such as music or outside sounds.
  • Identify something you can smell or taste.


According to John Demartini

Whenever you have a fantasy about how you think your life should be instead of being grateful for how it is, you split yourself in two. The fantasy appears to be more positive than negative and as a result you compare your reality to it. You then become sad and depressed whenever you perceive that your life doesn’t match the unrealistic ideal in your mind.

According to Louise Hay

Anger you feel you do not have the right to have. Hopelessness

According to Inna Segal

Overwhelmed by the pressure to make ends meet and survive in our increasingly complex society.

Hopelessness and depression can arise from deep disappointment, betrayal, the loss of a loved one, failure, anger turned inward, an accident, a major trauma, or a physiological condition.

However, depression can also provide you with the opportunity to connect to and work with the aspects within yourself that you have not accepted and have repressed.

Working with these aspects can not only lead to a deeper understanding of self, but profound healing and transformation as well.

To dissolve feelings of depression and anxiety

Bring yourself back to the present moment.

Anxiety is worrying about the future and also trying to control the process and outcome and in some cases controlling others.

Depression is looking back at the past and trying to change it.

A question to contemplate… Can you put a new born baby back in the mothers womb?

No you can not, because of the miracle of the Almighty’s process.

The past is exactly the same.

When we are unhappy about the past, we are actually unhappy what the Almighty has written for us.

When we are stressing about the future and have anxiety,  in essence we are not trusting the Almighty’s divine plan.

By leaving your fears, worries and entire life in the Almighty’s hands and trusting His divine process, depression and anxiety will soon be overcome Insha Allah ( God Willing)

Make a conscious decision to be present every minute of the day and TRUST.

Information has been extracted from Powershop 2, sources: Dr John Demartini, Louis Hay, Inna Segal

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